Our Sustainability
Keeping the Programs Running

       Being a Nonprofit organization means funding/donations will always be something we are in need of. It can be very hard to keep our programs running and available to those in need without the generosity of others. We also understand how hard it can be to give away hard earned money when so many live paycheck to paycheck. This is why we have chosen to utilize eCommerce, affiliate programs and advertising space; to help generate income so our community outreach can continue! We plan to continue adding different programs that offer more ways for caring people like yourselves to donate. We want to be able to help  every person that reaches their hand out to us in need, unfortunately the reality is that due to need of funding we have had people we could not help... this is something that those of us at Clandestant Ministries hate having to do and strive to one day never have to deny anyone in need. So please, visit our store page, use one of our Amazon links, or use our promo code for Wish.com. Utilize one of our many ways of donating to our community outreach and together we can change the world by helping those who need it most. 


Rent our Unicorn Bounce House

For just $150 you can rent this bounce house for 4 hours. Only requirement is an outdoor plug to run to blower. Contact us at (903) 851-5722 for more information. 

Check out our games on Google Play!

All proceeds go towards our programs

K9 of Mine: 4 pics 1 word-dog breed game

K9 Word Find: Dog themed word search


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