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How to Be a Better Steward of the Environment

Updated: May 31, 2022

The issue of the case concerning climate change may be up for debate, but the fact that we are polluting the earth is not. For our comfort and the comfort of those who follow us, we need to admit our pollution and begin to take our role as stewards of this earth. Small steps matter. Here are some suggestions to consider.

Cut Your Carbon Emissions

From the food you eat, the clothes you wear , and how you use electricity all impact the environment. Make these choices based on the result of knowing how the earth will be impacted. Look at the five R's of refuse, reduce, reuse, rot, and recycle as impact to consider when deciding on purchases. Consider non-emissions forms of travel such as walking or using a bicycle. Help to create ideas that make our society earth-friendly.

Respect Wildlife

We share this planet with many other forms of life that are impacted by our choices. Evaluate how the choices you make will impact their lives. Find some ways to leave the beach, forest or other natural environments cleaner than you found it. Find an area on your property to plant trees and landscape with native food plants to provide nourishment for your wildlife partners. Native birds love the nectar and seeds from local plants as well. Wherever you go, leave the wildlife alone. Every animal and insect has a role to play in keeping a natural healthy balance in a clean environment. We need them, so find ways to support our wildlife friends.

Support Green Friendly Companies and Products

Think of your dollars as votes. Every time you spend money it is a vote for a more or less clean environment. Companies and products only exist if you support them. By choosing earth-friendly products you are telling companies the type of products they should make available. Insist on the brands and items that not only are environmentally compatible but can help to replenish the natural balance. The technology is here, so it is time to use it to the advantage of the earth.

It would be devastating to know that the human population will be the next natural disaster. It is our choice to allow nature to redeem herself by getting out of her way. Be proactive as you choose to become an earth steward. By choosing to examine your carbon footprint, you can adjust your daily choices to lessen the harm to our planet.

We are working together to make the world a better place. Join us.

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