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Clandestant Ministries Pet Rescue Initiative

At Clandestant Ministries we are committed to helping those in need. This desire to make the world a better place does not stop with just humans. This why we are proud to say our first program initiative is a pet rescue! We will house homeless pets, groom them and make them available for adoption so they can find loving homes.

Right now this program is only in the initiative phase meaning we are still needing funds and a location to house the pets and run the program. Once we have enough funding we can begin the search for a prime location. Then once we have a location we can begin to turn it into a facility catered to the needs of a pet rescue. Our plan is to both foster and adopt out all pets in the facility , helping to find each and every animal their very own loving family.

The running of the facility will be the job of those in our transitional housing program, volunteers and of course ministry employees. This will provide transitional housing members with stable work, companionship, and a way to become adjusted to having a job and the obligations it entails. Also with Pawsitively Purrfect Grooming already a part of the Clandestant Ministries family, we will have a way of managing the grooming of the pets within the facility, keeping them clean and ready for adoption!

We hope you will be a part of our pet rescue initiative by donating today! Also once the program is functioning we will be in need of volunteers to help keep the program running. Thank you for taking the time to read about Clandestant Ministries very important program initiative. Remember, "Together We Can Make the World a Better Place!"

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