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Birth Charts or Natal Charts

Birth Charts or Natal Charts

Everyone knows about horoscopes and most people can tell you what their sun sign or astrological sign is. This is usually the first step, or should I say my first steps into reading more in depth content into how the star were aligned on your birth and how they may affect who you are as a person. I will try to not go too deeply in depth in this article and save a more in-depth article for those that are more advanced or would like to know more information later.

My sun sign is Leo, my moon sign is Cancer, and my ascendant sign is Libra. With my birthday falling on July 24th, I also fall on the cusp of Cancer and Leo also known as the Cusp of Oscillation. Leo is a fixed fire sign and Cancer is a Cardinal water sign which makes for a very forward and directive personality. With my ascendant sign in Libra, I like to look at all angles and possibilities in a situation before deciding which can seem like indecisiveness, but I would rather think of it more as seeing the whole picture instead of just the summary.

This is a system that is widely used in Western Astrology. Personally, I feel like this is the easiest one to start dabbling in for beginners. The tropical system of astrology refers to the position of the sun relative to the vernal equinox. Placidus system is a time-based method of calculating the houses that was created during the renaissance period. Personally, I enjoy studying the Tropical system but inherently it is slightly inaccurate compared to others such as Vedic Astrology. That is a conversation for another day.

Aspects in your natal chart are another thing you can look at in your birth chart to see how the angles of planets create and shape who you are. The five major aspects are conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition. In my own birth chart and I will reference my sun sign in Leo, my sun conjuncts Venus which is the only way the sun can aspect Venus. Sun conjunction Venus brings out feminine characteristics in all sexes. It can bring out artistic characteristics and creative inclinations in all aspects of the individual. Optimism and the want to be on the latest trends can also manifest into your personality with this aspect. The more favorable aspects are sextile, trine and conjunction with the harder aspects being square and opposition. I will try to do a simple break down of aspects first starting with sextile. Sextile in your birth chart with cause a natal flow between those planets. Trine is especially neat if you believe in karma, reincarnation and past lives. Trine is your reward from a past life but it can easily be over looked and not utilized. Conjunction we talked about above. Square can be what is hidden form you, challenges and difficulties you will face. Opposition is exactly what it sounds like it is two planets in your birth chart basically opposing each other. Its not always opposition that effects these planets in a way its an ebb and flow you cannot have one without the other. With opposition you have find a middle ground with the difference between the two. Another aspect we can touch base on is parallel and contra-parallel. Parallel is like conjunction with added benefits and contra-parallel is similar to Opposition but with weaker effects.

The planets all have their own individual areas in which they define who you are. Most people know the Sun which is the core of your personality, yourself and your identity. Moon is your inner self, intuition and emotions. Mercury is how you communicate, how you process information and your thought process. Venus is all about love, relationships and pleasure. Mars is your energy, your actions, aggression and sex. Jupiter is your luck, expansion and abundance. Saturn is structure, discipline and maturity. Uranus is innovation, change and how your future is oriented. Neptune is your subconscious, dreams and creativity. Finally, Pluto and one of my personal favorites to read about in a person’s natal chart is spirituality, death and rebirth and transformation. Chiron and Lillith are some fewer known points in birth charts but well worth the read about. Chiron in your birth chart is your unhealable wound and trauma. Black Moon Lillith I could talk about all day and will make several posts about this apogee in birth charts. To sum up Lillith as simply as I can she represents a title we must carry regardless of how untrue it may be, I feel like she stands for individuality, freedom and making your own path.

Now let’s talk about the houses and how they correlate in your natal chart. The First House, like your Sun sign is your identity, your outward appearance and your beginnings. The Second House stability, money and self-worth. The Third House communications, thinking and community. The Fourth House home, roots, security and foundation. The Fifth House romance, love, and fertility. The Sixth House health, habits and self-care. The Seventh House is relationships both personal and impersonal. The Eighth House represents death and rebirth, sex and inner depths, The Ninth House is your expansion, growth and wisdom. The Tenth House represents masculinity, legacy, status and achievements it is also the Mid-Heaven. The Eleventh House groups, friends, your hopes and wishes and the future. The Twelfth House represents endings, healing, closure, spirituality, solitude, karma, what’s hidden, and the subconscious. Fun fact my Part of Fortune lands in my 12th house.

Nodes in birth chart are the north and south points on your birth chart. As for myself they are in north Aries and south Libra. North represents the here and now and what lessons you need to learn or chose to learn in this life. Your south node is your past karma that was left unfulfilled and what you carry into this life. It is fascinating and one of the deepest introspections you can dive into in your birth chart to learn about elevating yourself into a higher frequency vibration. Breaking the wheel of Karma can be a very enlightening experience that few achieve. Most people simply walk around close minded and never truly open their eyes to the lessons set forth in the past and future. I don’t feel like nodes in our birth chart spell it all out for us but kind of give us a rough draft on points to start with on the path to enlightenment.

These are my own interpretation. I do not claim to be an expert of any kind. Birth charts and anything I do as far as tarot, horoscopes and birth charts I do out of a pure fascination and enjoyment. A lot of things in astrology/tarot I feel like is up to the interpretation of the individual reading into it.

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