Pawsitively Purrfect Grooming

I am academy trained with 10 years of experience. I offer pet grooming service  in the Blooming Grove Texas and surrounding areas (transportation service offered). Our proceeds go to the Clandestant Ministries community outreach programs. For more information please click one of the links below.


Taking Care of all your pet grooming needs!



Full Haircut

This service includes a full haircut, bath and blow dry, nails clipped, ears cleaned and a cologne spritz. (this service is exclusively for dogs) Price varies according to coat type, pet temperament, transportation services, or any additional services required.


The Full Story

Fresh out of High School and on my 18th birthday I got the call for a job as a bather for a Corporate Grooming Salon. I did much more than just bathing (worked in nearly every section of the store, including caring for the other animals). In less than 2 years they offered to send me to grooming academy and I accepted. I spent the next several months learning and practicing before my academy was complete and I was considered a groomer. I worked for 3 different stores over a 7 year period and learned so much from the many groomers I work along side. I decided to leave the corporate grooming world because I enjoy making sure my work is quality and often times this means taking my time.. which in the corporate world is losing money because in that world higher quantity in less time is more money... I prefer to give the best quality work possible to every client and their furbabies, which is the inspiration behind the Pawsitively Purrfect name! My husband (Rev. Copeland) and I realized that we could use my grooming as a way to fund his dream of community outreach programs through his ministry and eventually we could have my dream of a pet rescue as well! So here you have it: from Clandestant Ministries, a fundraising program, Pawsitively Purrfect Grooming.

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