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A tarot reading by the Diviner Brandy.

Dark-Moon Tarot

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DARK-MOON Tarot is a fundraising arm of Clandestant Ministries. I started reading Tarot about ten years ago and it's something I'm very passionate about. 

if your requesting a reading please email me at You will receive a personalized video of your reading along with a detailed description of what your cards say.

Tarot services offered. For more info please contact

What I offer

Tarot Readings - Single card, Love/Relationship spreads, Tetraktys spread, Planetary spread, Astrological spread, Past life spread, Starseed spreads, Tree of life spread, Dream spreads, and many more.

Birth chart interpretations

Synastry chart interpretations 

Vedic chart interpretations

For readings message me directly at to set up a reading and prices.  

Tarot readings contact or on facebook


All readings, birth chart interpretations, scrying can be booked through email for your convience. You can also request a video of your reading at no extra charge. All I need is your name, your birthday and a good photo of yourself. Please request more information though my email at the link.


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